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As Chinese Dragon Slows, Middle East Will Feel the Heat

As Chinese Dragon Slows, Middle East Will Feel the Heat

By Afshin Molavi China’s economy is slowing, which is both inevitable and alarming. Inevitable because no economy can defy gravity and grow at nearly double-digit rates on average for three decades, as China’s did from 1989 through 2018. And alarming because the...

Saudi Arabia and the Electric Car Revolution

“Everyone has a plan,” the great American boxer Mike Tyson once quipped, “that is, until you get punched in the face.” Saudi Arabia, as the world knows by now, has a plan. In fact, the Saudi Vision 2030, unveiled in dramatic fashion in April 2016 with a roll-out...


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The Writer Bringing Northern Nigeria to the World

When Abubakar Adam Ibrahim was 18 years old, he got into a memorable spat with his older brother, who insisted Ibrahim enter a BBC contest for aspiring playwrights. But the young, hesitant writer refused. “When I said ‘no’ to the contest, he stopped talking to...