Articles in major media and academic publications written by New Silk Road Monitor Editor Afshin Molavi.

Mo Salah Is the Unifying Force the World Needs Now

“Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem,” the television announcer intoned as the soccer player with shaggy hair stood, poised for a penalty kick, with a minute to go in the match. The packed stadium near the Egyptian city of Alexandria hummed with nervous energy. Television...

The GCC and the Developing World

It is one of the most exclusive economic clubs in the world, and it's not the G20, the G8 or the IMF board of directors. It's the dwindling list of countries that have retained the gold standard of investment grade status: the AAA rating. From Canada to Sweden, from...

Profits, Politics, and the Rio Agenda

The more than 100 heads of state have left in a whirl of motorcades and private jets. The 50,000 delegates have gone home. The hundreds of daily seminars, talk shops and panel discussions have gone silent. The camera crews and satellite dishes have been packed up. Rio...


Afshin Molavi interviews some of the world’s leading thinkers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and writers, in a series known as Tea with emerge85.

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